CMMS Consultant | Asset Management Consulting


Our experienced consultants can review and optimise your current Asset Management system and processes to provide you with the maximum usage you can gain from CMMS. We can spend time with you, review your existing business processes, and design a more efficient way to do these. This usually results in long-term cost savings and in immediate time savings.

Asset Management Consultant

Data Transfer

We can assist in collecting, collating and transferring asset data from an existing system into a new CMMS. We can transfer data from Excel, Access to MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL etc.

Condition Assessment

The reliability of an operating asset or component can be further increased by conducting a Condition Assessment. Track and effectively manage deferred maintenance liabilities to mitigate risk and enable a closed-loop process in taking corrective actions. Accurate and timely information about the condition of facilities and buildings forms the foundation for ensuring smooth operations and planning for future needs.

FMTech specialises in conducting property and facility condition assessments to provide clients with accurate, meaningful life cycle data to make investment and maintenance planning decisions. Our partner professional engineers, architects, planners and facility managers conduct visual inspections and take an inclusive view of asset performance to assess your facilities' current condition. We can identify risks and capital expenditures and evaluate the integrity of property improvements.

Condition Assessment Benefits

We have the capabilities and experience to plan and run plant condition assessments, which can be used to understand the current health of assets to increase the components' life span.

  • Mitigates risk by prioritising problems for correction
  • More accurate capital planning and budgeting
  • Extension of asset life and capital deferment
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Improved levels of service
  • Reduced risk-cost associated with asset failure, including social and environmental impacts
  • Forecast future costs
  • Enables proactive identification of deficiencies to extend the asset service life
  • Adaptable

Our condition assessment tool captures condition assessment data and allows project managers and clients to update and review the information and generate reports regularly. This data can be easily uploaded into your asset management system. During the condition assessment process, we will assess the need for specialist services to do more in-depth investigations if necessary.

Talk to our condition assessment and asset management consultant for all your property and facilities-related condition assessments.