Software for Management of Critical Assets For Companies Big and Small

Helping Businesses with Maintenance Management and CMMS Implementation

A Comprehensive cloud-based maintenance and asset management software

The most reliable, robust CMMS software

Cloud-based CMMS

Say goodbye to complicated, expensive maintenance software. Our software is Cloud-based, mobile-enabled, and easy to use. Pure SaaS capability

A Software You Can Trust

Trusted by Facilities companies and Managers since 1984. Comprehensive and easy to use asset management tools for your business.

Mobile access, anytime, anywhere

our mobile device enabled CMMS software gives you complete access to all the tools you need from your favourite device.

Built for any business

Suitable and fully customisable for any size business small or big multinational. Designed for easier maintenance, work orders, and asset management.


CMMS that organises, tracks, and schedules your maintenance activities

Preventive Maintenance

Reduce downtime & increase profits. Manage preventive and routine Maintenance. Preventive maintenance allows you to substantially reduce reactive maintenance and retain your buildings and assets at the desired level of quality. Preventive maintenance based on time or condition (Value based).

Asset Management

Powerful CMMS asset management functionality, you can seamlessly track and report on all of your most critical assets. Hierarchical asset structure for groupig and tracking assets. Asset criticality ranking capabilities make it easy for better management of critical assets.

Work Orders & Requests

Provide total control over the full spectrum of asset maintenance tasks from Job Requests, Work Order Management and Planned Maintenance Templates. Work Order Management Software you can manage, monitor and even automate job requests and work orders to ensure that they are resolved within commitments.

Reports, KPIs & Dashboard

Customisable reports and KPIs that give you the visibility and reporting functionality you need to meet management objectives. A KPI dashboard collects, groups, organises and visualises the important assets and maintenance data providing a quick overview.

Asset Tracking

Track and manage valuable assets and equipment with an easy to use & comprehensive solution using modern RFID and bar coding. Assets you own, where they are and who is using them.

Mobile Apps

Take the power of CMMS wherever you go with mobile app. Improving your efficiency in the field is just a click away. Offline mobile app, technicians can access their work orders, log labor hours etc.


WHY our – Asset Management Solutions

  • Specialised facilities management software for over 30 years of experience in Asset management solutions
  • Trusted by Fortune 500 companies and includes numerous high profile landmark buildings and facilities across the world
  • Tried and tested CMMS that has over the years developed into a well-rounded system
  • Modular and affordable implementation options – as needed
  • Asset Management Software For Companies Big and Small. Our EAM -CMMS Softwares are Easy to Use and Affordable Asset management solutions
  • Australian owned specialising in asset management software solutions and consulting